2021.04Notice of Change in President & CEO - Eul-Moon Hwang(Chairman/Co-CEO), Mi-Ok Kang(President/Co-CEO)
2021.03Awarded Scholarships to graduate student at Korea University College of Life Sciences & Biotechnology
2021.03Model Taxpayer Award by Prime Minister (Ministry of the Interior and Safety)
2021.01Selected as a Youth-Friendly Enterprise (Ministry of Employment and Labor)
2020.06'Slightly acidic hypochlorous acid electrolyte customized for water hardness and Generator development & analysis of sterilization performance' Business agreement for Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation Collaboration R&D
2020.03M.O.U contract with R2T BIOPHARMA Inc., a foreign company for therapeutic health functional food
2020.03Investment contract with XEME Biopharma Inc., a cancer vaccine development company
2020.03AI development research contract with Busan National University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation
2019.12Certification of Good Companies in Gyeonggi-do
2019.06'Slightly acidic hypochlorous acid electrolyte customized for water hardness and Generator development & analysis of sterilization performance' Business agreement for Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation Collaboration R&D
2019.04'Development of indoor air pollutant reduction technology based on microbial Impregnated filter using biomimetics technology' Selected for Environmental Technology Development Project
2018.12'Development of whitening raw materials and functional cosmetics using natural materials that decompose melanin pigments' Selected for small business network type technology development support project
2018.07Contract for marine pathogens transfer diagnostic technology with KIOST(Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology)
2018.02First export contract for eco-friendly bio equipment 'ecoTree™'
2017.12Announcement of new CI for global bio healthcare vision
2017.09Launched eco-friendly bio equipment ‘ecoTree™’
2017.07Opening of Dongtan Seoulin Global Center (Expansion of Manufacture·Research·Logistics)
2016.12Selected as 2016 excellent reading management company by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
2016.06Selected as best member of KOSDAQ
2016.06Technical development of 'Early diagnosis of pre-eclampsia' : selected as Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning project
2016.05Technical development of 'Early diagnosis of dementia' : selected as Ministry of Health and Welfare project
2016.02Investment to Dongtan factory Construction for expansion of manufacture · research · logistic facility
2015.11Subsidiary incorporation of Genozyme Co., Ltd. by share investment
2015.06Donated USD 300M to Korea University for development of biotechnology
2015.03MOU signed with fluorescent probe specialized company ‘BioActs’ for advance to molecular diagnosis market
2015.03Model Taxpayer Award by Ministry of Strategy and Finance
2015.02USA Patented for analysis of miRNA using silver-nano DNA sensor
2014.05Patented for silver-nano cluster probe and target polynucleotide detection method using silver-nano cluster probe (Reg. No.10-20120091554)
2014.03Participated in miQ (microRNA analysis product) Boston, microRNA conference
2013.12Subsidiary incorporation of Seoulin Medicare Co., Ltd. by share investment
2012.09Cooperation technical development contract with Denmark Copenhagen University
2012.07Patented new virus diagnostic system (Reg. No.10-11649090000)
2011.08Patented error history management system and method using sensor-tag for bio/medical device (Reg. No.10-10885030000)
2011.08Moved and expanded Headquarter(KOREA BIO PARK, PANGYO)
2010.02IMI Management Award (Knowledge management)
2009.06Peter Drucker Innovative Award - Innovative small/medium business pioneering award (Peter Drucker Society)
2009.032009 Model Taxpayer Award by Ministry of Strategy and Finance
2008.10Released Xpidprep, relating gene diagnosis
2008.032008 Model Taxation Award by KangDong Tax Office
2008.01Seoul Mayor Award of small/medium Business best management and exchange between multiple field activities
2007.09Best small/medium Business 11th selected by MAEKYUNG ECONOMY
2007.08Selected as “Greatest CEO 51” from Korea Federation of Small/medium Business
2007.02Domestic Innovative Corporation 8th prize by Korea Innovative Forum 2007
2006.10Admitted management innovative small/medium business corporation
2005.12Patented for multi-functional specimen mixer (Patent No. 10-200420831)
2005.12Patented for biochip with chamber in order to prevent pollution and reduction of error (Reg. No. 10-200328683)
2005.10Listed on KOSDAQ
2005.01Venture Corporation reconfirming Registration by excellent technology evaluation (Small/medium Business Administration 051137032-4-00028 )
2004.10Affymetrix SNP Assay Laboratory open
2003.11Affymetrix GeneChip Analysis Training Center open
2003.09Selected as 2003 technological innovative small/medium business corporation (INNO-BIZ company)
2003.08Marketing strategic corporation with Affymetrix
2003.03Model Taxpayer Award
2002.10Selected as Digital innovation’s 100 corporation
2002.05National Small/medium Business Contest - Silver Tower Award, Order of Industrial Service Merit
2001.02Selected as proud small/medium enterpriser by Small/medium Business association
2000.12Kookmin Bank’s Best Small and Medium Industry Certification (Best company certification)
2000.11Venture Award Best Prize
2000.092000 Venture Corporation Best Award
2000.08Seoulin’s product, MyLab exported to Japan and Southeastern Asian countries
2000.07Seoulin Institute’s researching result presentation in international academy (Britain IUBMB)
2000.07Confirmed of Venture Corporation- Ministry of Small and Medium Industry (No. 2000112271-4026)
2000.07Excellent Venture Corporation Certification- Seoul Technology Evaluation Center
2000.04World’s first concept of P.I’s life scientific equipment MyLab development and launching
2000.04Changed name to SeouLin Bioscience, INC.
1999.01The name of affiliated research institute changed to Seoulin Biotechnology Institute (SLBI)
1998.04World’s first D.D. type of Orbital shaker Supertech and three more development and launching
1997.03Moved into Kangdonggu Sengnaedong 452-2 Seoulin Building
1995.12The affiliated institute admitted as military duties institute (certification number 62)
1994.04Establishment of affiliated Seoulin molecular biology technique institute (MBTC) (permission 952144)
1994.01Coporate conversion to Seoulin Science, INC
1984.04Foundation of Seoulin Science