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[] SeouLin Bioscience signed export contracts for Sterilization Water Generator

SeouLin Bioscience, a specialized company for Sterilization & Sanitation solution announced on April 20th that the company signed contract to export ‘Sterilization Water Generator (ecoTree SLB-120)’.
SeouLin Bioscience has expanded the market for Sterilization Water Generator including local health centers, city hall, port authority and KTX stations in Korea. Recently, it has also been used for facility management for the prevention of COVID-19 and for the purpose of supporting sterilizing water to publics.
A company official said, “We have started exporting to Germany, U.S., Canada and Thailand. Export inquiries have continued from foreign states such as Japan, Australia, France, Spain, Egypt and Indonesia.”
According to the company, in the first quarter of this year, the domestic sales of Sterilization Water Generator increased by 130% compared to the annual sales volume last year, and the sales of sterilized water surged by 3,000% compared to the total sales of last year.
An official from SeouLin Bioscience said, “We will expand our export base by expanding the product lineup of Sterilization Water Generator to tap overseas market.”