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[Money Today] SeouLin Bioscience donated eco-friendly sterilization water generator to Hwaseong-si

While prevention has become important due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus, KOSDAQ-listed SeouLin Bioscience announced on May 5 that it has donated ‘ecoTree’, an eco-friendly sterilization water generator to Hwasong City hall for safety and health of the local community.
An official of Hwaseong City Hall said, “We will support sterilization water to local residents, vulnerable groups and public facilities by donated ecoTree.
Hwang Eul-moon, CEO of SeouLin Bioscience, said, “We will do our best to ensure the safety and health of the public.
ecoTree, an eco-friendly sterilization water generator, has been increasingly expanded to various areas, including public facilities (five KORAIL stations including Yongsan Station), health centers, and port construction, government-funded research institutes, universities & business research institutes, and food manufacturing plants.