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[sportsseoul] 'Plasma Shower', “Welcome, is it first time having plasma shower?

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'Plasma Shower', “Welcome, is it first time having plasma shower?

-SeoulinMediCare, holds opening ceremony for the first supporters of plasma shower

-Skincare machine for homecare, ‘Plasma Shower’: has the world class technology ‘cold plasma’

-Managing the supporters: suggesting Self-skincare to customers whom having busy days.

Skincare machine for homecare, ‘Plasma Shower’ has showed on the opening ceremony by the first supporters before releasing on 23rd.

Skincare medical instrument specialized medical enterprise ‘SeoulinMediCare’, its CEO Byung-cheol Kim held opening ceremony with 10 supporters on 9th before releasing the product named ‘Plasma Shower’ which easily can do skincare at home.

The members of first supporters are ‘Power bloggers’ who have concerns about whitening, keratin, wrinkles, etc. They will review the Plasma Shower for 2 months and show how to make healthy skin easily. And also they will show Plasma Shower to the customers who are busy that they cannot visit an aesthetic center.

At this opening ceremony, they introduced Plasma Shower which has functions of absorbing, elasticity, and relaxing. And they had time to check their skin conditions before starting 3mintues daily skincare while they are in supporters group.

Especially for the supporters who have achieved the most effective change will get ‘Plasma skincare program’ from ‘CheongDam Easy Ham’ Dermatology and will get other special gifts to encourage using the Plasma Shower.

The SeoulinMediCare staffs introduced, “This released Plasma Shower is an upgrade version of previous product which was focusing on skin trouble care”. And they explained, “This product was developed by joint research with ‘CheongDam Easy Ham’ Dermatology which introduced First plasma skin therapy in Korea”. And the product is Homecare skincare machine which easily can do total skincare.

In addition, they showed confidence that Plasma Shower will be in prominent position for a beauty item which can solve the customers’ skin concerns and can get healthy skin back by SeoulinMediCare technology which exported 30 different countries including USA and Europe, and which leads medical aesthetic area.

SeoulinMediCare Co. Ltd. (CEO: Byung-cheol Kim) has developed ‘Plasma Shower’ and it was founded in 2014 as a subsidiary company from SeouLin Bioscience Co. Ltd. which provide total solutions for Bio research and production related. SeoulinMediCare has variety products line-up in Korea aesthetic market, and they lead medical aesthetic area by exporting plasma medical instruments to 30 different countries including USA, Europe, and China.

Plasma Shower will be released on 23rd of this month. It has many certifications related plasma and patent for independent technology called F-DBD (Floating Dielectric Barrier Discharge) which can apply to any curve in face. And the product is Homecare skincare machine which easily can do total skincare.