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[The Korea Economic Daily] SeouLin Bioscience, Dongtan Seoulin Global Center Opening

Seoulin Bioscience (CEO Hwang EulMoon) said on October 13 that Dongtan Seoulin Global Center will be completed, and Seoulin’s very own manufacturing, logistics and Life Science Research Center will start moving in.

At the Seoulin Global Center located in Dongtan City’s high-tech industrial complex, it has established a bio-equipment manufacturing facility to manufacture their own branded products with a fully equipped logistics system. Seoulin is also focusing on R&D of molecular diagnostic products for early diagnosis of dementia and Preeclampsia.

By expanding its subsidiary, Seoulin Medicare 's skin beauty and medical device manufacturing facility by three times, Seoulin will be able to focus on overseas sales.

Seoulin will continue to strengthen its existing business as a total solutions provider based on its bio-infrastructure, and maintain its HQ location at the existing Korea Biopark complex in Pangyo. It will venture into the manufacturing business to become a highly recognized local company through its own bio products, whilst expanding on its health care business at the Dongtan Seoulin Global Center to become a global company.

EulMoon Hwang who is the CEO of Seoulin Bioscience said, “The opening of the Dongtan era in Seoulin Bioscience has a meaningful significance to be born into a bio-healthcare manufacturing group focused on technology, R&D, and manufacturing in the area of bio-infrastructure-based business. Based on its marketing sales capability, Dongtan Seoulin Global Center will provide the best products and services to grow into a global total solution provider of bio & healthcare that contributes to improving both quality and length of human life.”