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[The Korea Economic Daily] SeouLin Bioscience - R&D·Production·Warehouse assembled in SeouLin Global Center that aims the second jump

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SeouLin Bioscience - R&D·Production·Warehouse assembled in SeouLin Global Center that aims the second jump

SeouLin Bioscience (CEO: Eul-Moon Hwang) finished construction ‘SeouLin Global Center’ in Dongtan, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do and it aims the second jump by establishing new CI(Corporate Identity) which includes global bio healthcare vision. SeouLin Bioscience was founded in 1984 and it provides total solutions for Bio research and production.

SeouLin Global Center is near Gyeongbu Expressway that assembled R&D, Manufacturing plant, and Warehouse. It has a special appearance as wave shape, and its first floor reminds of a small pantheon. Its levels are from B2 to F7, and its gross floor is 13,000㎡. SeouLin invested approximately \18billion for purchasing lands and construction, and they will expand the domestic/abroad business by constant investment.

We met SeouLin Bioscience CEO, Eul-Moon Hwang and he said, “At this SeouLin Global Center, SeouLin Bioscience’s production and warehouse team, SeouLin Life Science laboratory, and subsidiary company ‘SeoulinMediCare’ (plasma specialized company) will move in. And this center is also known as ‘global advanced base’ for SeouLin group’s Bio business, research of bio industry and healthcare, and production & warehouse”.

At this laboratory, SeouLin Bioscience is developing a new product. The main product is called ‘ecoTree’. This product is bio instrument which makes slightly acidic electrolyzed water (HOCI) by electrolyzing diluted-hydrochloric acid. CEO Hwang explained that the instrument can be used in university labs, hospitals, and homes which makes HOCI for sterilization easily.

CEO Hwang is expecting on CEO Byung-cheol Kim from SeoulinMediCare which expanded its manufacturing area for three times by finished construction of SeouLin Global Center. SeouLin Bioscience took over SeoulinMediCare’s 51% stock in end of 2013 and SeoulinMediCare is a corporation for medical instruments and aesthetics machines. They produce aesthetics machines which utilize high frequency and ultrasonic wave and produce skincare medical instruments using plasma technology which people get interested recently. They earned \2,500,000,000 sales account in last year and they got award for ‘$1 million export top’ on Trade Day. Plus, they were selected as ‘Bright export small/medium industry’ in this year from Gyeonggi-do.

SeoulinMediCare CEO Byung-cheol Kim announced, “We have many certifications on plasma technology, then we have a strong point in this area”. The plasma medical instruments are in export to globally including USA, Europe, and China.

CEO Kim also mentioned, “Especially, a famous beauty-related foreign country’s company has asked some of our products to test deeply about plasma technology, then we have sent it to them”. CEO Kim is also working as vice-president for Korea Bio Plasma Society.

CEO Kim has developed 30 models for medical, aesthetics, and homecare in 5years after establishing the company in 2012. For example, they have ‘Plasma BT’ for medical skin treatment instrument, ‘Plason’ for aesthetics skincare instrument, and ‘Plasma Shower’ for homecare.

The reason why he can develop the products well is because he is an engineer. He has a lot of awards such as National Skills Competition in Microprocessor part. He is also a master craftsman in electronic equipment area. He is developing Plasma instruments with Dr. Choon-woo Lee (61) who has a doctor’s degree for vacuum & plasma research from Russia Рязань academy.

CEO Kim said, “Recently our plasma medical instruments received attention in Korea medical instruments market which already made an output in foreign markets. Especially, customers like personal plasma aesthetics instruments, then we are spurring to develop the follow-up products”.